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 Incentive scheme

An incentive scheme is the product for you if you are seeking a platform for motivating and stimulating your employees.

You can apply the scheme to the entire company, to specific business areas, or to the sales team. You decide – years of experience have taught us all kinds of incentive schemes.

The purpose may vary. For example, you may be seeking:

At a meeting, we can show you our interesting references and explain in more detail what we can do to help you!

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Examples of incentive schemes for some of our customers:

An incentive scheme with hundreds of KAMs and sales operatives throughout Sweden and Finland. The scheme promotes teamwork as well as stimulating individuals to exceed their goals. Monthly winners for performances in large and small areas.

An incentive scheme involving hundreds of drivers in Sweden. Viewing drivers as businessmen was a radically new approach. The scheme encouraged aspects such as smooth driving, and resulted in reduced diesel costs – saving millions of SEK. Moreover, the environmental aspect won the company an award from the Swedish National Road Administration!